We’ve been visiting the United States and we realized here everyone speaks a different language. The three most spoken languages in this country are, in this order: English, Chinese, and Spanish. This fact makes us question ourselves if they can communicate and understand each other even with this difference. Therefore, we did a small research to find out if we also have this diversity in our class. After a survey, we created a graph that evidence we have 5 different languages spoken and we know by a fact, we understand each other! So now we understand multiculturality is not a handicap if anything, it’s an element that makes us better and allows us to learn from others. 



Today we were really lucky, we got a new cubby house!! Because we are the oldest in the centre, we had the responsibility to put it together so everyone can enjoy it. Last week we started learning about Amish communities and how they do not use any electricity during their day to day life. This gave us an idea; we were going to build this new element following the Amish traditions. No power tools, just hands, muscles, and strength. This project required us to work cooperatively with others towards a common purpose. We respected each other’s opinions and abilities to work effectively. -Except for (lazy) Diana who used an electric screwdriver, the rest we were really good Amish people- 



Continuing our Amish learning we checked what do they use to travel and move around without cars, buses or trains. We look at some cool carriages they go on, they had big wheels and a box where the people go. We made some drawings of this different kind of vehicle. We tried to copy from a picture and a big drawing on the blackboard. We also worked on our diagonal lines by making the spokes of the wheels with ropes or by drawing them with chalk on the floor. 



Today was a busy day, we went on an excursion to visit Mt. Rushmore. That’s an impressive mountain with gigantic heads sculpted in it. Now we know those heads belong to some of the most important presidents in the USA and it took the sculptors 14 years to finish their project. They even use dynamite to do the carving. We also want to be able to create this kind of art, that’s why we made some new playdough and started practicing our modeling skills. We sat down in pairs and we observed each other so we could create an image as close to reality as our little hands allow us. This exercise also made us use lots of describing words and encourage us to create positive bonds with our peers.



Yesterday we practice our modeling skills and now it’s time to get REAL. It’s quite offensive that those people we don’t know have a mountain for them. We are far more important and special than them. We also need to be put into a mountain so people can admire us! We need some clay and lots of creativity and fine motor skills to create amazing head sculptures that we have on display in our class.