A big thank you to all the families for the generous gold coin donations! We had a very successful crazy hair week and all proceeds will go towards raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. 


The week leading up to the long weekend was an eventful time for the pre-schoolers.  As they learnt about the meaning and significance of Easter the children practiced their communicating skills as they expressed what the special occasion meant to them. We decorated our classroom window with a giant bunny and individual unique Easter eggs to display our growing artistic skills. At the end of the week to celebrate the start to a wonderful long weekend the children participated in a Easter egg hunt. Following the Easter bunnies footprints they ventured high and low to find their special surprises and place them carefully in their Easter bags! 

Exploring textures and colours for crazy hair week the children were able to develop their fine motor skills as they participated in a hairdressing experience. They were given opportunities to delicately colour and style each other’s hair, discussing which colours they liked and making decisions about which would best suit each other’s hair. More and more children joined in on the experience and by the end everyone had outstanding hairstyles to show off! 


In the toddlers room this week we worked on the children’s fine motor skills creating experiences that fitted the Easter theme. They were given opportunities to use their problem solving and critical thinking skills as they figured out the most suitable tools to use capture their Easter eggs and avoid the obstacles. We worked on decorating the classroom together with Easter eggs and bunny rabbits, developing our fine motor skills as we practiced using different crafting tools. The children gained cultural awareness after listening to and engaging in numerous stories related to the meaning of the eggs and the significance of the Easter celebration. The children were most excited about the egg hunt! We got face painted as bunnies and went off finding the eggs in the playground, every one was engaged and enjoying the fun experience!

For crazy hair day the toddlers participated with all different fun and funky hairstyles, we even had some fun colouring our hair in the classroom with vibrant colours. At the end of the day everybody had their own unique individual looks but we all came together to have some fun celebrating and capturing the moment in photos. You can check out everyone’s cool hairstyles in our foyer window! 



Our babies also joined in the Easter and Crazy Hair Day celebrations! Their room was re-decorated to celebrate the Easter festivities with special themed experiences for our babies to enjoy. They’ve been continuously working on their sensory skills, feeling for hidden Easter eggs in colourful water bags, searching for different sized eggs to place in boxes and of course decorating their own Easter eggs to place in the classroom. The babies have continued to grow fondness for each other as they increasingly participate in all these different and fun experiences together!

To celebrate crazy hair day the babies explored the use of hairdressing toys in front of a mirror. They had a particular interest in their reflections laughing and smiling at each other through the mirror, opening and closing it to investigate it’s uses further. The babies even had some crazy hairstyles themselves! Our babies room leader coloured their hair all funky colours and styled them in the coolest way!