During the whole month of September our children will have the great opportunity to enjoy and learn about music with Dearne. She will come each Monday for the next four weeks. Dearne is teaching many songs with us and provide a range of resources that enable children to express meaning and learn about new concepts using music and movement, such as clapping sticks, shells and stones.


This week the preschool children finished up with the space topic by making themselves a rocket/astronaut costume. Some rockets fell on our playground and got broken, children had to find a select number of pieces of silver cardboard including one box, and 4 silver rectangles. Everyone sat in a group while our teachers were scattered amongst us, helping us to construct these pieces of recycled material into either an astronaut costume or a rocket costume, as we explored theories of what we might do and how we might proceed.

This week, as it was Child Protection week, the class was introduced to the UN Rights of the Child. It is always interesting to hear children’s opinions when some of the more relatable rights are read to them, and it is nice to note, despite probably having not come into contact with this convention before, that some of the elements seem to be embedded into what children already know and expect. After choosing a right, they drew a picture demonstrating their learning. This not an easy topic to discuss with children, and they often need plenty of examples, gaining new information based on what they already know.

As every week, they also engaged in cooking experiences as making banana muffins and protein balls learning that way, about healthy eating and increasing their mathematical knowledge by measuring proportions and counting cups/scoops.

R them t practice their fine motor skills, scissor skills and patience, they had the opportunity to participate in diverse arts and crafts, making windmills, creating some natural heads that hopefully soon will have grass and chives as hair.

Making windmills cutting the pieces, punching holes. This required patience, scissor skills and some fine motor control.

Educators engage with children in their daily interests and activities, children learn how to get along with others and develop skills that may otherwise take them a bit longer, as the adult scaffolds the play to some extent, even if it is led by the child





Toddlers had been learning about the new season we are n, Spring. They’ve been reading about the season and creating some colorful arts and crafts. Reading to toddlers has lots of benefits for the toddlers ‘cognitive development. It enhances their understanding of the world while promoting their communication and language skills.

Spring is a great season to be outdoors and learn about the changes of the nature, our toddlers took the opportunity to plant some flowers which make a great addition to our garden. Gardening shows children respect, care and appreciation for the natural environment.

Toddlers were also encouraged to participate in some arts and crafts practicing and improving their fine motor skills. They created butterflies, flowers and some paper birds that will be displayed in their room celebrating their achievements.





Our amazing educators are focused in nurturing the babies’ curiosity embedding their natural eagerness to explore, discover and learn. This week, a new kitchen area was set up in their room and children had the opportunity to expand their imagination engaging in pretend play. Pretend play is vital for the development of social skills and learning development. It provides opportunities for children to identify with the adult world. It is also important for developing friendships, emotional regulation, self-organisation, reasoning skills and creativity.

The older babies had been showing interest in playing with the toddlers so we started a transition with them allowing them to participate on the different experiences they do. Mixed age play gives the babies a model to emulate as they are watching and learning from the big ones. This kind of transition also helps them to adapt to the new environment soon they will be in.