This 2020 NAIDOC week at Amigoss we’ve payed our respects to the traditional owners and custodians of the local area are known as the Gadigal people. We’ve been learning about the Aboriginal culture and we’ve participated in different experiences that helped children gain knowledge about the oldest culture in the world.

To follow up with this learning, next week, on Thursday, we’ll have an incursion in the centre from Koori Kinnections which will do some educational activities with our little ones.

As a part of the continuous improvement required by the National Quality Standard, next week we are:

  • looking at how well all our staff share their knowledge and skills and create a culture of professional collaboration aimed at improving outcomes for our children and families. We’re always open to new and better ways of doing things. If you have any suggestions please let us know!
  • reviewing our Code of Conduct in our Educator and Management Policy. A summary follows:

    Code of Conduct (Educator and Management Policy) Ethical conduct principles:

    • Commitment to our philosophy and values
    • Effective, open and respectful two-way
    • communication
    • Honesty and integrity
    • Consistency and reliability
    • Safe and healthy workplace for employees,
    • volunteers, children and families
    • Equal Opportunity workplace and culture

 Managers, employees and volunteers will:

  • carry work out efficiently, economically and effectively
  • act honestly and with diligence
  • make decisions or take actions fairly, ethically, consistently
  • comply with our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
  • report (suspected) breaches of the Code
  • include children and families in the decision making process
  • implement age appropriate, culturally sensitive and inclusive activities/experiences
  • comply with all service policies and procedures

    Managers, employees and volunteers will not:

    • engage in unethical or unprofessional conduct
    • bully, harass, discriminate against, victimise, humiliate, intimidate or threatens others
    • use abusive, derogatory or offensive language
    • seek or accept a bribe or accept gifts/cash above a specified value
    • use any service property without authorisation
    • approach other employees or visitors on matters that don’t concern them
    • drink alcohol or use illicit substances on Service premises or work under their influence
    • smoke on the premises including in the car park
    • favour any child or develop close personal relationships with children outside work

 Families, visitors and children will:

  • respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person at Service
  • respect the decisions of educators and staff
  • co-operate and follow classroom rules
  • listen to educators’ instructions and follow them
  • raise any concerns with an educator or the Nominated Supervisor

Families and visitors will not:

  • drink alcohol or use illicit substances on Service
  • premises or enter the premises under their influence
  • smoke on the service premises including in the car park
  • have physical contact with children that are not their own unless a staff member is present
  • bully, harass or discriminate against any child or adult at the Service.


This week we’ve been exploring the aboriginal culture by learning two important aboriginal people every day. We’ve also reviewed the aboriginal symbols and their meanings and we used them to create our own stories. By making damper (aboriginal bread), reading stories about the Dreamtime and making some aboriginal flags, we enhanced our knowledge about the Australian traditional culture.

The experiences of this week encouraged us to improve our fine motor skills, numeracy and literacy and allowed us to explore our senses while we increase our fine motor skills in the new sensory table with coffee beans, story stones and tongs. 



During this NAIDOC week, we had the opportunity to learn about Australian animals, the designs and colors of the aboriginal culture. We’ve been exploring with natural materials painting a tree log together.

Our teachers are focused in teaching us about healthy life style so they keep preparing experiences to encourage our healthy eating like the delicious pumpkin cake we made. With a tricky obstacle course, we practice our gross motor skills, coordination, balancing and we were encouraged to take risk in a safe environment.



During this week, we embedded the learning about the sea life with some aboriginal culture experiences.  Our little ones explored their creativity and skills by painting with dots some fishes and playing with the aquarium their teacher created for them. They are also starting to create little friendships among them while they play and interact sharing toys, making eye contact and laughing together.