Easter is almost here and this week we’ve been exploring the meaning of this holiday that represents the Renaissance of the world after winter (in the northern Hemisphere). We’ve been participating in different Easter experiences embedding other learning such as fine and gross motor skills, numeracy and literacy into the event. We hope you enjoy reading about it.

Have a Happy house Easter!


Friday 03rd April: Popcorn time! (All Ages)

On Friday we did a great obstacle course that left us really tired and hungry. We had a big feast for lunch and we rest for a bit. Some of us used the time to train our yoga movements in the preschool class and we made a pretty cool cubby house. We made popcorn on the stove top for the first time today. It was so fun to watch the kernels turn into popcorn. Each child collaborated placing the spoon of kernels into the machine to then turn it on and “Oh là là! Popcorn for afternoon tea 😀

Monday 06th April: Introduction of Easter

The children have been asked what Easter means to them, with the focus on Easter being about new life, rather than eating lots of chocolate. We have drawn a picture of Easter in our families, and we talked about the varied uses of eggs! You can find the pictures display on the classroom wall.

Tuesday 07th April: The oval

Today our children have been decorating a paper egg in collage shapes, then using a chart to count and write how many of each shape they have put on their egg. This experience worked on shape recognition and counting, as well as formation of numbers.

Wednesday 08th April: Balance the egg 

Using some boiled eggs, we painted and decorated them with food dye. This was a delightful experience and was much enjoyed! Afterwards, we had an egg and spoon race, which required lots of concentration and balance.

Thursday 09th April: biscuits and chicks

The children have done some baking of butter biscuits with children, yellow, and in the shape of chickens. Baking with children encourages basic mathematics and measurement skills, turn taking and opens discussions about food awareness. They also participated in a hunt to discover a secret message that said: ” El conejo de Pascua pasó por toddlers” {The Easter bunny went through toddlers}. After a bit of thinking, we all went to toddlers’ room where we found a big magic box with some little chicks to play with. 

Afterwards, made some popstick chickens and have drawn a hen house for them, encouraging the idea of new life and care for others.

Toddlers and babies

Monday 06th April: Making my Easter Egg!

We started Easter week! Introducing children to Easter, we make our own eggs, decorating with stickers, pieces of paper, glitter and everything related to this event. Children had the chance to choose according their interest, increasing their creativity using open ended resources. We could observe different colours, shapes, sizes and more!

Tuesday 07th April and Wednesday 08th April:Matching the bunny tail

As we have been working with colours, most of the children can recognise them. This time we include the colours and bunnies, making them to match the bunny tale with each bunny, repeating the colour in Spanish, increasing their language skills. “I saw a cafe fluffy bunny” said L.C.

Thursday 09th April: Egg Hunt

Keeping up celebrating Easter, we did an egg hunt! But this time we included different animals inside of each egg. Children were finding the eggs, then collecting them in a big box. Once all the eggs were found we sat in a circle on the mat, watching different pictures of animals on the floor. I provided an egg to each child, where they opened it and recognise the small animal inside of the egg to match it with the picture. “La vaca lola” said R.N. This experience helped to improve their cognitive skills and get familiar with each animal and the sound they do.