As a part of the continuous improvement required by the National Quality Standard, this week we are:

– Making sure our building, equipment and resources are always safe, clean and well maintained. We regularly clean areas, especially during these COIVID times, and complete daily safety checks, but if you see something that concerns you, no matter how big or small, please let us know immediately so we can take appropriate action. Your child’s safety and wellbeing is our number one priority

– Reviewing our Work Health and Safety Policy and Physical Environment (WHS, Learning and Admin) Policy in relation to safety hygiene checks, cleaning, hazardous substances and extreme heat. Summaries follow:   Work Health and Safety Policy and Physical Environment (WHS, Learning and Admin) Policy – Safety hygiene checks, cleaning, hazardous substances, extreme heat


Next week we are starting Science week so be ready for experiments and lots and lots of fun!


Our preschool children had been exploring Uranus this week. They’ve been learning its composition and following with some of our children’s interest, the scientific names for those. Then we kept increasing our knowledge about the different stages of the water and why and when do they happen. To expand their body awareness and coordination, they’ve been engaging in some traditional games like “el pañuelo” or “la araña” where children can practice their concentration and following instructions skills while having fun. They’ve also participated in some cooking experiences that raise appreciation for healthy eating and helps them grow their numeracy competence.

Finally, like every week, we had some show and tell of items and books the children bring to school to share with their friends.






This is been an exiting week for our toddlers. For the first time in Amigoss history they had their toothbrushes here! During the whole week they’ve been learning about the importance of dental hygiene. We used technology to show them some videos that help them understand what are the germ and why we need to clean them off. They practice brushing some toy teeth to get ready to do it on their own ones.

This crazy year also gave us the opportunity to teach children about taking care themselves, avoiding Covid 19. Our toddlers engaged into making face masks out of socks. This way they also are understanding why adults are wearing masks on the street and how important is wear it.





This week the babies had started to learn and explore the vehicles. Our educators’ team had made sure each day they had a nice set up with roads or train tracks to make the area more attractive for our babies. They also did a nice poster to decorate the class by rolling some cars dipped in pant around a big paper. Music has been one of our hits too, singing “the wheels on the bus” and learning how to mirror the movements had been so much fun!