During this week, our amazing educators’ team had been engaging children in experiences around healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Talking about health and wellbeing encourages children to develop healthy habits, which includes talking to them about portion size and how every food can have a place in their diet but some foods help them grow and others do not.

For next week, as a part of the continuous improvement required by the National Quality Standard this week, we are reviewing some of our professional development activities from earlier weeks including those relating to:

  • children’s health and wellbeing
  • inclusive, play-based environments
  • environmental awareness and sustainability

Please let us know if we can provide any further information on these topics.


This week we’ve been working on our knowledge about healthy eating. We talked about the food astronauts take to space and how this one has to be dried out and vacuum sealed. We had the opportunity to sort out different kind of aliments depending on their level of healthiness.

Continuing with our space topic, we had a blast participating in a space mission around the Solar System.  The road was a challenging circuit where we had to use all of our gross motor skills to finish the mission.

We also engaged in diverse arts and craft experiences that allowed us to improve our cutting skills and experiment with our creativity.

And finally, an update, we have decided to change our relaxation time a bit, which means that those who wish to sleep or rest indoors with music can do so with less interruption, and those who do not need to sleep are still encouraged to have some quiet time reading stories outside. This allows us to get ready for big school, where usually relaxation time is not done.



This week we’ve been talking about winter and we kept practicing our new Spanish vocabulary about winter clothes. Our teachers had the great idea to involve us into healthy eating conversations and experiences by helping us sort the food that George the Pig had to eat to get better or to not get sick after having read “George catches a cold”.

On Thursday, we also had the opportunity to realize healthy food is not so boring as it might seem with our yummy banana and chocolate penguins we made

We’ve also been helping in the decorations of our classroom that looks much cooler day by day. We made some big rain drops using cellophane paper to decorate them and you can see them displayed in our wall just above a little child with an umbrella also decorated by us. 



This week our babies enjoyed learning about the sea animals. They had been experimenting with textures and shapes during their arts and crafts sessions where they helped creating an amazing aquarium displayed in the class. With an activity called “Deep Goop Sea” they had the chance to develop their cognitive and fine motor skills while playing with the strange substance that is the corn flour goop. This material, feels quite firm when picked but then quickly becomes liquid and streams between the fingers. We had so much fun finding the sea creatures hidden there.

In regards of healthy eating, our babies are getting use to use the cutlery and they are being encouraged to eat calmly instead of shoveling all the food at once.