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Educating through playing in an enriched discovery-learning environment since 1980

Long Day Care


Long Day Care

Long day care for children between 6 months to 6 years.

Our facilities are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm 51 weeks per year. Closing approximately for 1 week over Christmas and Public Holidays.

Workshops in Spanish

kids on the wolrd with flags

Workshops in Spanish

Second language acquisition refers to what learners do.  At Amigoss we want to provide a rich environment in which children can acquire a second language (Spanish) by experimenting and participating in meaningful activities for them.

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Homemade Meals


Homemade Meals

It is important that the children in our care are offered nutritious meals and enjoy positive mealtime experiences.  All our food is freshly prepared on site by our qualified chef.

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School Readiness


Curriculum & School Readiness

Amigoss believes children need opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in key learning areas including

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See what people think about us.

I enrolled my little one at Amigoss Long Day Care Centre when he was 11 month old. Every morning he is always looking forward to going to “school”. I can see my son happy and also his progress day by day. The teachers and administrators staff are so kind, helpful, and genuinely care about all the children. The daycare program is well organized.We are 100% confident the staff will treat our son with the love and respect all children deserve. I would recommend Amigoss to all of my neighbors and friends.
Teresa, Jesus & Marco.
My daughter has been at Amigoss Preschool in Glebe five days a week for more than two years now. On almost all days she comes home and says ‘I love my school, I love my teachers, I love my friends Mama’. When she is ill she laments she cant go to school and see everyone. My daughter and I are both very happy with Amigoss. The teachers are wonderful; loving, caring, creative, educative, proactive and nurturing. Amigoss has creative, innovative, concerned management that strive to update parents and create a ‘community’ associated with the school.
Barbara Telfer
About AMIGOSS I could say that it is a warm, welcoming, cossy, almost home feeling childcare centre. I also could say that all the staff I have ever met and talked to are very friendly, always ready to listen to the carers and proactive when it comes to receive and action any suggestions or ideas for enhancing any aspect related to the centre. Most importantly they are gentle, loving, caring with the children and their enthusiasm and energy if amazing…. But to me one thing says it all: the happiness of my little boy. He cannot talk much yet as he is only 18 months but when I see his face in the evening when I pick him up I can see how much he enjoys being at AMIGOSS and how much”.


sport and yoga amigoss childcare

Sports and Yoga

Physical activity is crucial for children’s health and wellbeing. At Amigoss, we are sure that providing structured activities such as sports and yoga, children develop a sense of confidence, balance, concentration and strength in their gross motor skills. The classes are given in Spanish, therefore it is a good way for children to be further exposed to this language.

preschool program amigoss preschool

Preschool program

The preschool program provided is based on a project related learning in reference to children’s interests, observations made within the classroom, world events, and related topics, for example, space, dinosaurs, science, health and body. Through each project, all areas of the curriculum are covered, such as literacy and numeracy, social and emotional development, physical skills. All our experiences are conducted through conversations, games, and hands-on activities, such as drawing, cooking, and play-based learning.

Workshops in Spanish

Bilingual approaches

Amigoss Preschool & Long Day Care’s aim is to provide opportunities to learn Spanish. We want to ensure that children enjoy the learning process of a foreign language in a relaxing atmosphere. The main outcome is to encourage the children to be aware of the sounds from a different language and aspects of the culture involved within. During different experiences, routines, activities and daily interactions, children can have exposure to a variety of vocabulary and expressions in Spanish.



Sustainability in early childhood education is an important part of the curriculum. In Amigoss we want to provide the children with knowledge, skills and attitudes to assist them to become environmentally responsible. We believe that participating in environmentally sustainable activities can encourage the development of children’s sense of responsibility and empowerment, at the same time they have fun.



We incorporate literacy and numeracy into our programs, but to do so in a way that we keep in mind the principles and practices of the EYLF and the importance of play. An experienced Early Childhood Teacher develops and implements different activities for children to enjoy, at the same time they learn.


Arts & Crafts

Our children learn about different artists and their techniques, and our walls show the creation of our own art gallery!

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