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Greek Weddings! The children talk about weddings, ask them: “What happens at a wedding?” Tell them about Greek weddings, and the tradition is to smash plates (this is about throwing away their old life and embarking on a new life together, also breaking plates would keep the evil spirits away, sharing joy and good luck, bringing families


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Driving in the snow  As we have been learning about the weather in Canada, we also talked about how to operate a car when the road is icy or covered in snow. The children were fascinated by the chains that people put on their car tyres to stop their cars sliding around on the road.

Policies updated this week at Amigoss:

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Dear families and staff, At Amigoss we understand that our policies and procedures have a direct effect upon children, educators, family and the community. We really appreciate your help in ensuring that they are aligned with the specific requirements of our families the and local community. Your ideas and suggestions are always a great

Legislation changes for working with children

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Please be aware that employers (which include organisations using volunteers to work with children) can now be fined if they don’t verify that their workers or volunteers have a Check or have applied for one. One of the strengths of the NSW system is that it is underpinned by an ongoing, continuous check. By registering

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Meet our Staff: Irene Jimenez Lazaro

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Irene is our Business and Marketing Manager. Irene graduated from the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain) and earned a Bachelor Degree in Law and Journalism. She also holds a Masters in Family Mediation and Conflict Resolutions, a Masters in Business Law, and a Masters in Management and Marketing Strategies. Irene worked as a lawyer

Meet our team: Joana Abrantes

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She earned a Bachelor in Anthropology and a Masters degree in Forensic Science from the University of Porto in Portugal. Her passion for travelling brought her to Australia. She just finished a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care in Sydney. Child care has been one of her passions, and since she arrived in Sydney,

Meet our Team: Paola Miranda. Inclusion Support Educator

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Paola is currently studying the Diploma of Early childhood and would like to work towards Bachelor of Teaching. As a qualified personal trainer, she likes to keep kids healthy and active. She loves cooking healthy foods and playing games. Her passion for children started about 3 years ago when she came to Australia and started

  • Liliana. Educator at amigoss

Meet our team: Liliana Díaz

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Liliana graduated in Biology from The National Pedagogic University of Colombia, she is a Specialist in Information and Communication Technologies Applied to Education. She is also a Nurse Assistant and holds the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. She is currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources. She has 9 years of experience