Amigoss Cooperative Change of Name Notification

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Dear Staff and Families: We would like to inform you of our trading name change. On the 21.10.2018 the cooperative members voted for a new set of rules and a cooperative name change. From 23.11.2018 our old name:  Aid Migrants Of Spanish Speaking -Amigoss- Co-operative Ltd, has been changed to Amigoss Preschool And Long Day Care Co-operative

CLOTH NAPPIES: Save Money, Reduce Waste, Lower Their Impact On The Environment.

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Thanks to Katheryn and Ken, one of our lovely families  Amigoss started some time ago to include cloth nappies as an option. Since then, more families joined this practice. Learning and collaborating in partnership with our families helps us to be better every day. We are happy contributing to a more sustainable environment! We are

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MONDAY: Babies and toddlers were helping Miss Yamile to start the Christmas decorations. Children were painting their peers' feet to then, print them to create our first decorations that are displayed on the Toddlers Room. Reflection: Children were working on them turn-taking skills and social-emotional skills. Toddlers are very engaged with trains at the moment. During the

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