• September 19

September Update

Dear Families,

These are some of the highlights of the week. As usual, your input and ideas are more than welcome.

Toddlers and babies are exploring and learning how gravity works and all the activities we can do with it!

Children were exploring how magnets work, it was like doing magic!

Family Evening and Drums Show. The children, teachers and families had a great experience!!

The preschoolers continued with Science, they are learning so much through these experiences!.

Upcoming Events:

We want to invite you to celebrate Cupcakes and Grandparents Day on the 19th of September, at 3 pm.  We will collaborate with Medecisn Sans Frontieres (MSF) since they are part of our community and we truly admire what they do.

Children and educators will be making cupcakes on that day, and talking about doctors and nurses and how lucky we are that we have doctors here and hospitals to go to. At 3 pm we will invite the families and we will emphasise and celebrate our grandparents. There will be different areas in the preschool classroom for them to sit down with the children and participate in the decoration of the cupcakes, sponge cakes, etc, and we will ask for a gold coin donation to take cupcakes home, or to eat them there.

Thank you for being part of this day!