Land transport

In June we will start a project related to Transport in regards to children’s voices and interest. We started discussing about how children get to Amigoss from home. To extend our learning, we used a video about transport as support, where most of them mentioned they travel by parents’ cars.

We are learning about different types of transport and the environment they can travel to, starting with the Land. Children were developing finger muscles by painting their cars and social skills sharing what colour is their parent’s car.


Colourful jumps

Yesterday in the afternoon during free play, Miss Adriana with the children were having fun drawing with chalk on the floor. They played a game jumping in the colour that Miss Adriana was asking for. This experience helps children to develop their cognitive skills by following the instruction and jumping in the correct colour. Also, it helps developing legs muscles. Children had so much fun!


“Discovering our location: CANADA”

On Tuesday, we had to leave Peru in a rush due to a terrible earthquake. We rapidly jumped on a bus and drive off until we couldn’t feel the ground shaking anymore. We arrived to a place with lots of snow and high mountains. In the afternoon we went to hunt for some clues to discover were we were. We found some maple tree leaves and a moose antler. Thanks to Leo’s jacket we realise we were in Canada!


“Playing with the snow in the mountains

This week we experienced an earthquake and had to leave Peru in a hurry. We caught a bus to the airport and left for a mysterious country, where we took notice of our surroundings, and had to figure out where we were, using the clues we had available to us. We went on a hunt outside and discovered some leaves, which we brought back inside. We had a look at our flags chart, and at the clothes everyone was wearing, until we found the leaf image again, and we discovered we were in CANADA!