This week has gone by with a whiz,

Come and take a little squiz,

We have done so much

Learning it is true,

Now take a rest and check

Out all we do



On Monday we talked about biodiversity and how all the animals are important to balance our environment. We learned most of the animals live in warm places. Colombia is situated in the Ecuador line so is really warm all the time what makes it the perfect place for animals and plants to live. In Colombia, they’ve got the largest variety of Butterflies and we represent some with arts and crafts. We also played a pattern memory game with some butterflies’ wings. With those experiences, we promoted the use of fine motor skills cutting out the wings of our butterflies, creativity on our drawings and some memory skills by memorizing the shapes of the wings.



It is very important to acknowledge and understand children’s feelings and ideas by approaching them, offering a small conversation or cuddle. After the weekend we noticed some children suffering separation anxiety so we planned this activity to teach children how to react in a different situation, managing their sadness, anger, etc. Children participated in making happy faces and what makes them feel in that way. We got so many responses such as My mommy! Catboy! and more.



Today (Tuesday) the children have been talking about how Colombia is the only country in South America that has coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. We have been talking about healthy and unhealthy oceans and how we can help our oceans be clean and safe for animals and people. The children looked at some photos of healthy and unhealthy oceans and discussed the differences and their thoughts on what they could see. We are learning about how to reduce pollution, look after our oceans and keep them clean, including picking up rubbish we see, making sure we save water where we can, and using the right kinds of soaps that don’t hurt the animals in the ocean. We then practiced and enhanced what we had learned by categorizing the images onto the board, sticking pictures that make both kinds of the ocean on their corresponding sides.



Today (Wednesday) the preschoolers cycled all the way to Bogotá in Colombia.  Bogotá has South America’s largest network of bicycle routes, so it’s pretty easy to get around to wherever you need to go! Learning about multimodal forms of transportation can encourage an interest in the wider world, and also can increase health benefits, such as in walking or cycling for transport. We visited a supermercado on the way, and from el Exito, we purchased some arepas flour, so that tomorrow we can cook some arepas. We also took some time out at the bike shops to decorate our bikes in all sorts of colors, including adding wool for the spokes, encouraging individuality and fine motor skills.



The weather was so nice finally! With toddlers, we spend some time outside, making a nice experience with painting, most of the children love this type of activity. We did stamps flowers with the bottom of plastics bottles. Children are developing a sense of autonomy choosing the color they want, mixing and exploring what new colors they can create.



One of our friends sent us his favorite book! “The Wheels on the Bus” We discussed him, most of the toddlers still remember him as a good friend. We discussed that he is living in another country and the way he went there. Toddlers were sharing with educators that they have flown in an Airplane as well, passing above the clouds in the sky.



As the weather is changing and the temperature is decreasing, is more likely for children to get sick. With toddlers, we remember why and how we can avoid spread germs to our friends, keeping us healthy and safe. Washing hand is the most important practice that we need to do several times during the day. We had so much fun learning how we should wash our hand properly, having experience with magnifying glasses, dolls, and glitter!