Maori faces

This week we have been talking about Maori people and how they identify themselves. This led to how we identify ourselves, and how we know we are different to our friends. We looked at some photos of Maori people with the ta moko (face tattoos) and then we drew a self-portrait, before adding some black paint to give ourselves a Maori face Check them out in our classroom This experience fits with the EYLF Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world: “Children explore diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition, and that diversity presents opportunities for choices and new understandings”


Kiwi drawings

We learned about the kiwi bird, and we noticed that it is made up of circles! We found some circles in our classroom, and we traced them to make our own kiwi drawings. Learning shapes not only helps children identify and organize visual information, it helps them learn skills in other curriculum areas including reading, mathematics and science. For example, an early step in understanding numbers and letters is to recognize their shape. Learning shapes also helps children understand other signs and symbols.


De más grande a más pequeño

We’ve been learning kiwis in New Zealand come in all sizes so we decided to put them in order. We practice our eye-hand coordination and hand dexterity by using the scissors to cut all the birds out. We also worked on our perception and concentration keeping track of our big and small kiwis and comparing them to place them in the correct order. Sorting is an important pre math and classification skill in early childhood education.


Making Colombian Arepas

This week in the group of toddlers we prepared Colombian arepas, so the children had the opportunity to mix the materials, follow instructions and hear about the importance of healthy eating and hygiene. Children enjoyed and we all ate for afternoon tea them when they were ready.


This week we had the visit of one of our ex-families who came from New Zealand, it was very nice to see their reunited with his peeps.

It is NAIDOC week next week, for which we will have different experiences related to Aboriginal culture, among them the Australia show next Monday 8th of July.