Brown beetles

his wet days we had found at a lot of crawling friends around, beetles and general insect are also, necessary for our environment and the wellbeing of ecosystems around the worlds, as well we are using recycling materials, at the same time learning about the brown (marron o cafe) in Spanish.


Cutting snowflakes

As part of our study of snowflakes, we have had another look at some up-close images of snowflakes, and then we learned how we can make them out of paper, by folding a few times and taking small snips out. When we unfold the paper, an amazing pattern is revealed from where we snipped pieces out. We were delighted by what we could create, and just like with real snowflakes, we learned that no two are the same!


Snow, snow, snow!

We have been talking about snow and how each snowflake is different. To illustrate this point, we had a look at some snowflake images that had been magnified. The children were amazed at how they looked sparkly and how intricate they were. We then were able to make our own in large scale, using large pop sticks and glitter, following a guide. We are very proud of our work!


Pikelets and maple syrup

As we have been talking about Canada and maple trees, we also talked about how maple syrup is made from the sap of the maple tree. It is a natural substance, and our bodies use it differently to the way they use other sweet substances, such as white sugar. The children helped to make some pikelets by measuring and stirring the ingredients, and they watched as they cooked, learning that the pikelet is ready to turn over when all the bubbles have popped. The classroom smelled superb! For afternoon tea, we drizzled a small amount of maple syrup onto our pikelets, and most of us enjoyed eating them!


Word games

We have been working on our letter and sound recognition, identifying letter names and sounds, capitals and lower-case letters, and beginning to read short words. This game contains all animals with names of 3 letters, and while some of it can be achieved by a guess, we needed to also identify beginning and end sounds in print and sound to be able to access the right name to go with the animal. We had so much fun, making animal sounds and talking amongst ourselves about the sounds we could hear!



Today one child from toddlers’ room brought so many tattoos to share with the friends! Children were very excited to get a tattoo so we work together for our goal. Everybody had the opportunity to work in putting it following the instructions properly. Children are developing cognitive skills and problem solving, listening and copying what they are watching.


Animal stamping

Playing today with colors and animals, with children we use plenty of stamps using these resources to share and have fun. Through these experiences, toddlers were learning about animals’ names in Spanish improving communication skills, also how to use good manners asking for a turn in a good way. Children enjoy the experiences as a group where everybody can use their peers as a role model.



We have added a new session to our routine called Storytime! We have been working in children interest to make them puppets and recreate the history with pictures and colors.With toddlers we did cheeky monkeys swingin in the treee and the red riding hood. We explore and experiences imaginative play, where children can learn more words.


Babies building

Our room was setting up to encourage babies building using different types of blocks, materials, textures, colour to incentive children creativity, imagination, and problem solving.
Also, we are practicing sharing and taking turns, social skills for our beautiful group.