Driving in the snow 

As we have been learning about the weather in Canada, we also talked about how to operate a car when the road is icy or covered in snow. The children were fascinated by the chains that people put on their car tyres to stop their cars sliding around on the road. We went and collected as many toy cars as we could find, and then we dipped them in snowy white paint to see what tracks they could make!

Snowmen counting

This week, we have been working on numbers, including number recognition and one to one counting. There are many ways to model early number concepts and counting. For example, we often count as we spoon muffin mixture into each muffin pan, or as we serve ourselves pieces of fruit or toast or put out pieces of a game to play. We reinforce number concepts in many ways, such as when we hand someone some name tags to help set the lunch table, and we say “I am giving you 3 name tags to put out, 1, 2, 3”. We took this to a more formal level today, and we used some numbered rectangles and paper circles to make snowmen, as we are talking about winter in Canada. The children talked about the numbers they could see, and then they were shown in large scale on the blackboard how to build a snowman with this many body parts. They had the chance to go and consolidate this new concept by trying it out on their own sheets of paper with numbered rectangles. Many of the children were able to recognise the numbers on the rectangles, and some could easily place the set number of circles above to create the snowman’s body and head, while others needed further teaching in this area. We then added noses and eyes for some character, and we all came away with some funny looking snowmen!


Sandpit and leaves

It has been a rainy few days, however today it fined up enough for us to go out and get busy in the sandpit. We were engaged in building sandcastles and other shapes from the fabulously wet sand, and sharing and learning from one another about our experiences at the beach and how to best make a sand castle. We also noticed that all the wind and rain had made a large amount of leaves fall, and we got busy scooping these up and transporting them to different areas of the playground. We were ecstatic to find that hundreds of leaves had settled on the shade covers, and took shovels and rakes and pushed them off, causing a downpour of brilliant yellow leaves. After showering in the leaves falling down, many children found it exhilarating to collect large armfuls of leaves and toss them in the air. Then a leaf battle ensued, with children chasing each other and tossing leaves at one another, laughing, running and challenging each other.


Plate snowmen

We built on Monday’s counting snowmen experience this afternoon by going large scale and group focused. We had large pieces of paper with numbers written on them, and white plastic plates. Everyone called out the numbers they could see, and then we all had a turn to choose a sheet of paper with a number on it and line the correct number of plates up above it. This experience not only encouraged children to concentrate and count consecutively, but also to engage their fine and gross motor skills as they selected plates form the pile and put them into position. Also encouraged was the skills of working together and learning from one another, as children assisted each other to complete the task


New elements (blocks and poles)

 This week we have been engaged with some new building elements, such as large and small poles, blocks of various sizes and clips that all connect in different ways. Participating in such play builds creativity, imagination, learning about fair play, collaborative play efforts and gross motor (large muscle) skills. The children are engaging in informal measurement, construction, making ‘gym stations’, building ‘treasure detectors’ and ‘ice skaters’, pretending to vacuum the floor, and many more imaginative efforts!


Painting with cars

In toddlers’ room, we are learning about the types of transports. Some children ask for paint, so we decided to do the painting in a different way, instead of brushes we use cars wheels, where children had the opportunity to see the a variety of textures stamped on the paper. Also, children learnt social skills by sharing the cars and colors. We had so much fun with paint! 


Babies building

Our room was setting up to encourage babies building using different types of blocks, materials, textures, colour to incentive children creativity, imagination, and problem solving.
Also, we are practicing sharing and taking turns, social skills for our beautiful group.


Babies and toddlers free play time

Ro. pretending mixing tea, J. washing his hands, R. tried to write down.

They are growing up learning from observation coping adults and peers