Today in toddlers’ room we talked about the importance of respect and take care of our resources and the way we can keep them safe and clean. With a couple of brushes, water, and soap, we went to outdoor area where we found some trucks on the ground, with dirt and soil on them. Children did a collaborate play, everybody worked as a team for one goal. With this experience children were able to demonstrate an increasing knowledge of respect the toys, being very active and collaborative, they washed the toys up and down until everything was cleaned. We give them big clap when they finished for the excellent job, helping to increase their self-esteem, creating a positive impact on them.


Keeping up with our project related to transport, this afternoon we did an educational game where every child participated. We watched a previous video to guide them where each transport can go through; land, water, and air. We sat on the floor where some children shared experiences about them flying on an airplane or being on a ferry, developing their communication and social skills. After that each one grabbed a picture of a type of transport, sticking it on the landscape according to where the transport can go through. “The boat goes on the water”, said M.T.


The preschool children are very interested in cooking, and we do a lot, so even if they are not interested on one particular day, they will always have another opportunity. This week, the children were asking about why we needed a certain amount of each ingredient, and they were interested in halves. We talked a little bit about it while we were measuring ingredients, and some of the children remembered how many halves fitted into one whole. We talked some more about it in group time with a small group, and children were able to manipulate some materials and make their own halves with pictures of oranges, muffins, fish, monster face etc. This incorporated their new knowledge and vocabulary, along with the use of scissors, and maintaining more than one step for the task. By doing group experiences such as these, children learn many social skills, some of which include following instructions and waiting their turn.


Today the preschool children learned about Niagara Falls, and then they got to make one for our classroom! It was a large-scale project, and involved looking at the waterfalls and talking about what they noticed, and then moving their bodies in such a way that they were able to make a large waterfall from soft fabric. We even added some of the foamy water that appears at the bottom of the waterfall, by using some soft sheets of foam and scrunching them up. Watch out when you enter our classroom, you’ll be walking under a waterfall, and you might get wet!


This week, the preschool children have been working on the colours of Canada, starting by everyone talking about what colour they saw Canada as, while looking at some Canada images. We got our ideas from the pictures, and also from what we have learned about Canada so far. We have made some stained glass window maple leaves, by sticking cellophane into the outline of a maple leaf. The children cut the cellophane and glued it inside, and found that this material held a lot of static! We also painted with red and white onto some overhead projector sheets, which was an interesting way to paint as the material was clear. We have been excited to see the patterns made by both these artworks, especially when the sun shines through them from behind, and through this interest, we are learning also about sun direction and shadow.


During the first year of children they are busy developing strength on their muscles and coordination. Then when the body is ready, children start to gain confidence, walking straight to the independence. During this week we have observed some children sharing their first steps in the centre. We have been supporting the babies to make them feel secure and safe in their learning


The day was perfect to spend time at outdoor area, much better if we play musical instruments! This experience helps babies to learn new words from the repetitions and rhythm. Children had fun with shakers and xylophone.