Percussion with miss Anna

Miss Anna came today and it was fantastic, we had so much fun practicing our rhythm. Music is a great form of expression that helps us to develop our creativity. It learnt about discipline and patience by taking turns to play our instrument in front of the others and we felt amazing when the whole class was clapping at the sight of our skills. Dancing all together and in pairs was a great way to make some sport and use some of the energy we have inside and we made the dances look really cute!

Making tzatziki

A letter came today, the pictures in the envelope make us realize it came from the goddesses and gods we already know. The letter went like this:

Good morning kids,

This is a letter to congratulate you in your amazing Greek work.

You created temples that put Phidias – famous architect- to shame, your pottery is as fine as the one in the main workshops in Athens. Moreover, your knowledge of us, the gods and goddesses, is outstanding. In the Olympus, we are discussing if you can become Greek citizens and participate in our new invented democracy. 

In order to make a decision, we need to check some of your skills. A proper Greek, should know how to make the perfect tzatziki for our feasts and celebrations. 

You’ll also need to prove yourselves as engineers and general knowledge about Greece. 

Good luck little ones!

Contact you soon.

After reading that, we felt the need to make some of this dip with a funny name, tzatziki. We did some cutting and grating and we ended up with a delicious Greek yogurt dip for our afternoon tea – we made sure we left some for Hermes to take into the Olympus.

Hermes the messenger 

We had the special visit of Hermes today, he told us he’s Zeus son and he is on charge to carry messages from the gods and goddesses to the mortals. He’s also the one who every night flies around the world bringing the dreams to the people -sometimes Morpheus helps him too.

He explained us what happened with Persephone and Hades and how he acted as a mediator between the underworld and Demeter (Persephone’s mum).

He had a message to deliver, Zeus wanted us to recreate some of the Greek landscapes so he could feel at home when he comes to visit.  We made some of great collages using the Greek colours, blue and white to represent some villages from the islands. Those are displayed in our wall.

Greek climate and food

As a warm country with a large shore, Greece can grow lots of yummy vegetables and fruits. When Hermes came, he left some magic seeds behind therefore, we decided to use our magic to make them grow and discover which kind of food we can find in this old country. We concentrate our magic in a big ball in our hands and by passing everyone’s magic into a basket we grew some capsicums, eggplants, potatoes, lemons, zucchini, garlic and onions. We all got a turn to look, feel, and smell these magically grown vegetables.

Dressing up as fathers!

Children are naturally imitative creatures. They learn about the world by imitating the lives of the adults and others around them. Through dress-up and dramatic role-play, children explore the lives of other people by imitating their actions, feelings and words. This time with toddles we did dressing play imitating someone from their family, like the mother, fathers, and grandparents. We played to had a photographic session where some of them got dressed and others were the photographer. ” I gotta work like daddy” said T.W.

Family day!

As we are celebrating the family day, with children decided to make a special present for our caregivers. Children voices guided us to make this lovely and important gift. Hand painting can be a rewarding experience, since it builds colour and shape recognition skills, allowing children to explore their sense of touch with different textured materials. It’s also great for fine turning their motors skills. In this celebration, we wanted to make their handprint as a sign of what family has created and how wonderful is to see children grow up and learn new skills.

Making recycle paper magazines butterflies and Rey leon cards for families

In our last project we create some butterflies as part of our recycle project sensorial exploration, colours, materials, glitter and glues, we also made some beautiful cards for our families, were we had the opportunity to paint with cotton tips.