Greek Weddings!

The children talk about weddings, ask them: “What happens at a wedding?”
Tell them about Greek weddings, and the tradition is to smash plates (this is about throwing away their old life and embarking on a new life together, also breaking plates would keep the evil spirits away, sharing joy and good luck, bringing families together in similarity). The children searched to find pieces of broken plate with the same number e.g. All 5s (each set with its own number on the back) and then pieced the plates back together. This was a very cognitive experience, and we were able to enhance our problem-solving skills as well as engage our number recognition skills.

Painting vases

We made last week was a great way to continue this experience and helped children to take care of and show pride in their work. Many children were excited to be able to recognise their vase and felt like they had a strong purpose. Having children continue with their artworks and projects helps children to feel grown up and responsible, and assists creativity and memory.

Road safety

Awareness experiences in preparation for the excursion to the primary school: Children looked at large road safety cards, and talked about what they saw and how they behave in cars, on the road etc. They were then able to demonstrate some basic safety skills using toy cars and objects from around the room.

Book day at Big school

Each year, schools and public libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books, and Australian authors and illustrators. Teachers and librarians conduct activities relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading. This year we decided to participate in a special way. Taking into account we’ve got several children with older sisters/ brothers attending Glebe Public School, we went on an excursion to enjoy the book costume parade from the big kids!

Everyone at home, woke up really early and excited knowing a great day was going to come. We got to Amigoss and sat down in a circle to remind some important road safety rules. Then, we put on our reflective vests, packed our bottles and made a nice line two by two -holding on a long red rope so we don’t get lost! – .

The moment had come, we started walking and just at the very first step out of the childcare Abigail exclaimed “This is already so much FUN!”. We walked really nicely and sensible to the school singing some songs and waving at the cars and people in the street. We arrived at the BIG school, after such a long trip our tummies were rumbling so we sat down to have a nice picnic morning tea. We were all really excited commenting at the different characters we could recognize.

The parade was about to begin, as we were considered VIP, we had a reserved spot and with no rush, we took our assigned seats. The big children started the parade, they would high five us when they passed by and we were clapping their amazing costumes. The ones with older siblings got to march with them when they got up with their respective classes.

We didn’t know but another surprise was awaiting us, we got the chance to parade in front of the entire school and some parents -I told you we were VIP! – Everyone clapped at us and we made sure we high five all the children who wanted!

Slimy slime!

Today in toddlers’ room we sat on a group, discussing about textures. As children are very interested in science experiments, we made a slime, where everybody worked for the same goal. We experimented textures, smells, and colours. Also, the slime helped children to calm down and control their frustration.

Painting without brushes

As painting is children favourite experience, we planned this activity but changing the rules. Children used their creativity, using most of them their feet to paint on the paper. This kind of experiences helps children learn vitally important sensorial attributes like hot, cold, sticky, etc. So much fun we had painting with our feet!


Last Friday our babies planted some lentils seeds, we reuse from our recycle maracas project. Excellent grounding experience to connect to our world.

Creating with reused materials

We recycle green papers and the eyes from other project, to reuse some materials. Babies loves the exploration of paint and textures, which is important for the development of their fine motor skills and their creativity.


***This week children had the opportunity to connect with the community and interact with children from the local school. This is great for them to develop their social skills and build sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming.

We have used different resources and recycled materials to encourage children to create and explore, and we have also acquired new books that children have loved.