Please be aware that employers (which include organisations using volunteers to work with children) can now be fined if they don’t verify that their workers or volunteers have a Check or have applied for one.

One of the strengths of the NSW system is that it is underpinned by an ongoing, continuous check. By registering and verifying, employers can be contacted by the Office of the Children’s Guardian should anyone become barred through the continuous monitoring process. Fines for not verifying will apply to every organisation where people work with kids or volunteer with kids.

People need to have a Check if they are in child-related work. Changes to the legislation clarify that child-related work is when contact with children is a usual part of the work, and not just incidental. There are some exceptions, so check out the Office of the Children’s Guardian’s website if you’re unsure whether you or your employees need a Check.

Finally, all parent volunteers on kids’ overnight camps with their child now need a Check which means whoever is the camp organiser, also needs to verify them.

The Working With Children Check legally prevents people who pose a risk from working with children but it’s not enough on its own. Organisations, through their people, need to build a child safe culture with policies and procedures in place to make their organisation safe for kids.

For more information check our website where there is a list of all of the legislative changes with explanations of what each change means and you can also find resources for building a child-safe environment.

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