Mexican cooking with kids!: Chicken tacos with grilled corn and avocado.

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This is a Mexican recipe that you can enjoy with your kid. Cooking experiences helps to build a stronger relationship between parents and children working as a team. Also, this helps to develop autonomy and independence in children, having the opportunity to collaborate making dinner for their families. INGREDIENTS 2 chicken breasts                    1 tsp cumin,

5 useful Spanish Learning Websites for Kids

 Online Free Spanish This site offers free Spanish lessons for the whole family! There are many activities, games, lessons, tips and different kind of resources for Spanish learners. Hello World On this website you will find more than 700 free Spanish games and activities. There is a special site for children with interactive games.

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Spanish Lessons for children and adults

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Dear friends, We are very happy to announce we are again offering Spanish Lessons for adults and kids. The classes for adults will be a mix of an introduction to Spanish grammar and very focused in conversation and pronunciation skills. The classes for kids, however, will be more focused on learning while having fun. Our

Amigoss Association Spanish Lessons for advanced speakers

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Dear friends, We are very happy to announce that we are now offering Spanish Lessons for advanced speakers. The classes will be a mixed of grammar and very focused in conversation and pronunciation skills. Please see the program above. We would appreciate your collaboration by sending this information to the people you believe could have

Nutrition Week at Amigoss

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At Amigoss we have celebrated Australian Nutrition Week! Do you want to know what we have learnt? The children made fruit salad, they cut the pieces of fruit and put them in a bowl. We then had our delicious fruit salad after our lunch Making healthy food teaches children about foods that are good for

Spanish classes @ Amigoss Preschool

¡Hola Amigoss! We are happy to announce our Spanish classes managed by Speaking Spanish Now. These dynamic and joyful Spanish classes will take place from October 10 at Amigoss Association. We're setting up small groups, with a maximum of 10 students per class, for kids and adults. Spanish for kids: if your kids are between

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