Mexican cooking with kids!: Chicken tacos with grilled corn and avocado.

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This is a Mexican recipe that you can enjoy with your kid. Cooking experiences helps to build a stronger relationship between parents and children working as a team. Also, this helps to develop autonomy and independence in children, having the opportunity to collaborate making dinner for their families. INGREDIENTS 2 chicken breasts                    1 tsp cumin,

  • Parents Meeting Amigoss Preschool

Parents Meeting Presentation 10/05/2017

Dear families, Thank you so much for coming to the meeting that we held last Wednesday, and for your support. Here we attached the presentation: Parents-meeting-May-2017 with notes Thank you again for your support and feedback.

  • Fernwood Women gym

Fernwood Women´s Health Club

At Amigoss we are happy to announce that Fernwood Women´s Health Club Broadway offers our mums a special corporate health and well-being offer. Contact us for any enquiry, we are more than happy to help you.