Last Friday, the Pre-schoolers had an excursion to Foley Park. Children had the opportunity to practice what they were learning about Road Safety (checking for traffic, waiting until the man turns green before crossing, staying in our two lines, holding hands, walking close to the wall not next to the road) and what kind of things can be found on our way there (they identified cafes, pharmacies, Rubbish Trucks, Restaurants, etc). Once in the park, they enjoyed morning tea in a picnic style, were playing on the playground equipment, discovering Australian plants and insects and we had a special visit: Miss Maria and baby Nuria were there. The children were delighted, they were singing some songs to her! We were also able to observe many spiders high up in the trees, and talk about what they eat and how they build their homes.  After morning tea and some free exploration time, we played a game of Duck, Duck, Goose (Pato, Pato, Ganso), and it was liberating for the children to have so much space to run in! It was so nice to be in the park with the children and to watch how they engaged with their community. When we came back, we talked about our favourite things about the excursion, and drew some pictures to depict these things. Thanks to all the parents who joined us on the Excursion!



And while Pre-schoolers were having fun in the Park, babies and Toddlers were doing the same in the Centre. They took advantage of the warm weather and were having a sensory and refreshing experience. Water play is a good way for children to socialise and practice language and cognitive skill as they can use different containers to pour, mix and transfer the water.



Today we took a plane from Madrid to Bilbao. We had to buy our tickets and pass the security control. We even got a snack in the plane. At our arrival we learnt in Bilbo/Bilbao they speak Spanish and Basque (Euskera) and we are learning how to say hello in this new language (Kaixo). We also went for a walk in the streets and got to the Guggenheim where we saw its two guardians, Puppy the flower dog and Maman, the giant spider. After that we made our own spiders out of playdough. Benefits of Role Play in Early Years. Role play is an important part of child development, as it builds confidence, creativity communication, physical development and problem solving. Along with being a fun activity, it also allows children to get into character and act out real life roles or fictional performances.



Big bad wolf is a book that toddlers enjoy a lot when we read it to them, in many occasions, Sammy choose that book and asks to his educators to read it, he knows some parts of the book.
Yesterday during group time, we read the book and after, we made the little pigs, using recycled bottles, paint and paper rolls. Toddlers enjoyed the story time and making the pigs.



Following with toddler’s animals project, on Monday, toddlers created some butterflies. They were using paint and handprint to create them. They were enjoying the sensory experience and were learning and practicing their mixing colors and language skills.



Last week, the children looked at some Spanish dancers, we then practiced our drawing and cutting skills, by making some Spanish puppets of our own, where we cut two holes in a small piece of cartulina (cardboard) with a Large hole punch, and drew our own Spanish dancer around this, with no legs. When we put our fingers through the holes, it was our fingers that made the legs of the puppet! The preschool children learned how to be creative and how to use their fingers and imaginations in a different way. They also enjoyed making up their own scenes with the puppets!