Amigoss´ Recipe Book

Amigoss is designing a Recipe Book for children! We would like to share with our families and friends our recipes. Our educators and Amigoss´s former chefs are collaborating in the development of this book, and we would like your help as well.

We have very good cooks and chefs among our families, so we would like to ask you to share with us your best recipe, the one that your child loves the most! It will be lovely to include recipes for different countries of the world: Argentina, India, Spain, Australia, England, Greece, Italy, Colombia Japan, New Zealand, China, Tonga, Middle East, etc.

If you want to participate in this community project, please send your recipe to along with a picture of the dish (If it´s possible) and a photo of yourself and your child cooking (If you want to)!

Let´s create a beautiful Amigoss Recipe Book for children! and Thank you so much to those who already sent us their recipe!