This conference is for those who are seeking to gain a better understanding of our children and their age appropriate behaviour. This information will help develop stronger connections between you and your child through greater understanding and compassion.

With knowledge, parents do better and both parents and children are happier!

Note that there are two separate events happening on the same weekend: Conference and Expo.

This conference will have internationlly renownded speakers, such as Robin Grille and Marion Rose, and cover topics such as Parenting without Punishment, Allowing Emotional Expression, Dealing with Parental Differences, Rebuilding your Relationship afterChildren, Natural Learning & Home Educating Children with Learning Difficulties, and Practicalities of Home Education. The conference includes morning tea and a light lunch.

The Expo will have exhibitors, presentations by exhibitors and 45 minute workshops which will provide up-to-date information to pregnant women and parents, specifically about natural pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, sleep and settling, emotional support, positive discipline, natural learning and parental growth.

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