At Amigoss we organise a lot of activities for our children. Our Educators, students, and volunteers work very hard to create the perfect learning environment for children.

We love to share this knowledge with families and other educators, contributing to our community.

This week, Belén Tellez (Child Care Assistant) wants to share with us an activity called: Water Conservation. Do you want to know how to reproduce it?

Teaching water conservation

Purpose of the experience: To encourage children to connect to their environment by providing opportunities for the educator/parent to model a sustainable practice.

Resources to be used:

Egg shells with plants, plastic bottle with hole in the lid, pictures

Description of the experience:

  1. Transition: Play a bell.
  2. Invite children to learn about water conservation.
  3. List the four tips to help conserve water indoors:
  • Turn off faucet while brushing teeth
  • Take shorter showers
  • Fix Leaks in faucets, showerheads and toilets
  • Only wash full loadstips-to-conserve-water
  1. Show some pictures about water conservation.
  2. After listening all the information, the children will water the egg shells with the plants using the plastic bottle with a hole in the middle of the lid.
  3. Ask children some questions in order to check their understanding of the activity