Our preschoolers were invited to visit the Glebe Public School, so they could experience what a library session at kindy looks like. They were super excited!!

First we talked about road safety and some of the rules when walking and crossing in the street. They were aware of the risks and they behaved beautifully.
Then the principal of the school, Vicki Pogulis, welcomed us at the entrance. When we went to the library the first thing that we noticed was the beautiful tree they have, so colourful and creative!.
The kindy children and the preschoolers listened to a Dr Seuss book and a song that they loved. They even made arts and crafts and had a partner reading a book with them.
Our Amigoss children had lots of fun, and they are ready to go back and visit some other areas in the school.
Thank you to Miss West and the Glebe School principal to make us feel so comfortable. It was a great experience!