UTS: family child behaviour runs FCB 1-3, a parenting program that looks at parent-child relationships when children are toddlers. Early on, relationships between parents and their children are fundamental to children’s social, emotional and behavioural development. When difficult child emotions and behaviours together with the pressures of work and family get in the way, unhelpful patterns of interaction between parents and children can develop. Commonly, early signs of difficulty appear within the first couple of years and from this time we know we can have a beneficial effect on them.

FCB 1-3 is a program that asks parents to practice skills in a range of parenting and interpersonal areas. FCB1-3 draws on scientific evidence that confirms certain relational and behavioural characteristics are important for parents in developing relationships with their children and asks parents to view themselves as mechanisms of change in their children’s development. The FCB 1-3 skills are grouped into six topics and are discussed in PARENT-TIME (individual parent – clinician sessions) and then practiced in KID-TIME (clinician – parent – child direct coaching sessions) and through KID-TIME homework. The program usually runs for between 6 and 9 ninety minute sessions.

To discuss FCB 1-3 further please email: familychildbehaviour@uts.edu.au or call: 02 9514 7240 or 9514 4146