Amigoss Association Spanish Lessons for advanced speakers

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Dear friends, We are very happy to announce that we are now offering Spanish Lessons for advanced speakers. The classes will be a mixed of grammar and very focused in conversation and pronunciation skills. Please see the program above. We would appreciate your collaboration by sending this information to the people you believe could have

La Ruta del Quijote

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La Ruta del Quijote is a party for children between 2 and 14 years old organised by Amigoss Preschool, Amigoss Association,  and ALCE Australia that will be held at Amigoss Preschool the 15th of October to commemorate the IV anniversary of the death of  Miguel de Cervantes.

5 tips for teaching your child Spanish!

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Join a Spanish Playgroup. There are several Spanish playgroups in Sydney, for example: Tateti Spanish Playgroup runs every Friday afternoon at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre. Hispanitos Playgroup has been providing a space for mothers with young children to meet weekly since 2003. Bondi Beach Playgroups. The Wairoa Avenue centre runs 2 playgroup sessions Monday and

5 useful Spanish Learning Websites for Kids

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 Online Free Spanish This site offers free Spanish lessons for the whole family! There are many activities, games, lessons, tips and different kind of resources for Spanish learners. Hello World On this website you will find more than 700 free Spanish games and activities. There is a special site for children with interactive games. Oh

Workshops in Spanish

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Second language acquisition refers to what learners do. At Amigoss we want to provide a rich environment in which children can acquire a second language (Spanish) by experimenting and participating in meaningful activities for them: Dance and music: Children learn by connecting movement and language with fun! Cooking: There is no better way to learn

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