Beef noodles from China

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By Asrini Sadri Noodles are a staple food in many cultures made from unleavened dough, which is stretched, extruded, or rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes. Noodles are an essential ingredient and staple in Chinese cuisine. Chinese noodles vary widely according to the region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner of preparation. They are an important part of most

Amigoss International Recipes: Australian Damper by Jenny Wood

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Damper is a traditional Australian bread, historically made by bush travellers, and later by indigenous Australians. It is simple to make and is usually cooked on the coals of an open fire. At Amigoss, we baked ours in the oven! The children practised reading a recipe, measuring ingredients, 'rubbing' the butter into the flour and 'kneading'

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Homemade Meals

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It is important that the children in our care are offered nutritious meals and enjoy positive mealtime experiences.  All our food is freshly prepared on site by our qualified chef. We use fresh fruit and vegetables daily and our balanced menus provide plenty of variety. Nutritious meals are rotated on a six-weekly basis, encouraging children

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