• Sydney Astrofest 2018

Sydney Astrofest 2018, a free night of amazing astronomy activities.

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Sydney Astrofest 2018, a free night of amazing astronomy activities. The stars have aligned once again, allowing the Faculty of Science to present the annual stellar festival, Sydney Astrofest 2018 at the University of Sydney! With clusters of Australian research organisations, science outreach initiatives, arrays of astronomy societies and many other astronomical organisations, we

Sustainability month at Amigoss Preschool!

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Amigoss Preschool offers a range of experiences for children designed to understand sustainability. Do you know our goals for 2017? Aiming to reduce waste. Purchasing more eco-friendly or ‘green’ products. Making efficient use of existing resources. Reducing energy or water consumption by 10 per cent. Reducing food waste. Learning more about gardening with our children Sustainability

The benefits of making your own playdough and Amigoss Recipe

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Children like playing with playdough, they love to mold it, and create beautiful designs. Playdough helps developing fine motor skills of toddlers, and helps them to learn how to hold pens or pencils. At the same time, playdough can help developing cognitive and social skills, when educators and parents encourage children to share their thoughts

Amigoss International Recipes: Australian Damper by Jenny Wood

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Damper is a traditional Australian bread, historically made by bush travellers, and later by indigenous Australians. It is simple to make and is usually cooked on the coals of an open fire. At Amigoss, we baked ours in the oven! The children practised reading a recipe, measuring ingredients, 'rubbing' the butter into the flour and 'kneading'

Celebrating Naidoc Week amongst other activities at Amigos

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On Monday the preschoolers practised their shape recognition and they  discussed the features of each shape. The children then practised their listening skills by cutting out specific shapes. These were then glued on to another sheet of paper. We also sang some songs about shapes! On Tuesday the children learned about the Dream Time and

Australian Indigenous Show at Amigoss Preschool

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On Monday we learnt so many things at Amigoss! We participated in a wonderful show, and we had the chance of sharing Indegenous culture through the magic of music, art, storytelling and dance. With bush sounds, instruments, music, movements, singing and dancing the children participated in the richness of Australia. We learnt all about the traditional owners

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