Dear Families,
We are happy to let you know that we are starting the enrolment process for the year 2018, and we want to give preference to the families already enrolled at Amigoss.
Following the links at the end of the post you will find the Reenrolment application form for the year commencing on 02/01/2018 and the All About my Child form. In order to keep the spot at the centre next year, please fill in and send them back or bring them to the centre by August, 18th
We would like to remind you that our centre will be closed at Christmas from 26/12/2016 to 01/01/2017.
We know as well that some of our children are going to the “Big School” next year, and we will miss them a lot. Some of these children start the school in February or March and their parents are interested in using the service until that date.
We must say that we cannot guarantee the spot for these children, but we would like to offer you some casual days during these months to make the transition easier for the children. If you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible.
Finally, we would like to say thank you very much to all of you for your support during this year. We are really happy to continue working for the improvement of the centre, the quality of the service, the confidence of the families and the happiness of our children.
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Re-enrolment 2018 documents: