On Tuesday the preschoolers learned about transport, about what it is and the different modes of getting around.

Transport was defined as ‘The ways we get from one place to another’. We looked at different pictures of types of transport, such as planes, bikes, cars, walking etc.

The puppet, Peter Platypus, told the children he had to get to different places, for example, to the shops, to the doctor’s office next door, to another country, to the zoo and so on, and the preschoolers viewed the pictures in front of them and decided on the most logical modes of transport for Peter Platypus.

This experience required thought about near/far, amount of people travelling, the logic of how far away the destination was, and discussions about the impact of certain types of transport on the environment.


On Wednesday the preschoolers learned about the function of traffic lights. We also learned about each others interpretation of what traffic is. We then made some traffic lights out of recycled egg cartons and cut out pictures of cars from magazine