By Miss Jenny

Drawing insects

As we had been talking about insects, on Monday we went on a bug hunt to see what creepy crawlies live in our playground. The pre-schoolers hunted for insects, and then had to remember what they found before drawing a picture of their insects.

Sticker art

On Wednesday, the pre-schoolers read the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ (by Eric Carle). We then did some sticker art, where the children were given a black and white image (they could choose a butterfly or caterpillar), and they were asked to fill in the white circles with dot stickers. This activity required concentration, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. The pre-schoolers could then decorate the rest of the sheet how they wished – some even drew some healthy food for the caterpillar to eat!

Stick insects

Today we talked about stick insects and how they can camouflage themselves very well. We read a story about a stick insect and then the children had to imagine what they could do with a stick if they found one. They then drew a picture of them doing something with their sticks

Music and movement session

Today Natalie from Jam and Jive came to do a music session with us. She taught us a little bit about volume, pitch, tone and speed, and showed us ways that we can move to different beats and songs.