Full Day Workshop lead by Dr Lawrence J. Cohen that will help parents, educators, carers and other professionals who work with children see the world through the eyes of the children they care for. Delegates will learn playful skills to combat sibling rivalry, help children overcome worries, fears or anxieties & to understand our children’s needs as well as our own.

Sydney – Sunday 20th November 2016

The Principles of Playful Parenting : 9:30am -1:00pm

Play is the essence of life! It’s a way to reconnect after closeness has severed and a way to recover from emotional distress. We will introduce parents to our children’s magical world and to see the world through their eyes! Join us and you will learn how to

  • Put connection first
  • Follow the giggles and learn to roughhouse playfully
  • Reverse the roles and help children overcome adversity
  • Encourage children’s emotional expression, even emotions that we don’t like very much (such as tears and tantrums


The Opposite of Worry : 2:30pm – 5:30pm

If empathy is the first step, the second step is projecting calm confidence. First we accept children right where they are, and then we gently lead them to a stronger feeling of safety. Children can overcome their fears when they have a secure connection with a caregiver, when they feel powerful and strong and when they are encouraged to take risks. In this afternoon session you will learn how playful tools can help your children develop confidence.

  • What parents can do when children don’t want to go to a party, are afraid to go near to a dog, or sits on your lap instead of playing with the other children?
  • What is the Security System?
  • What is the opposite of worry?

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Rethink ‘discipline’
  • Play through sibling rivalry and other family troubles
  • Understand children’s needs, as well as your own needs

And you will be able to recognise that:

  • In our bodies, the opposite of anxiety is relaxation
  • In our minds, the opposite of “what if” is “what is”
  • In our emotions, sometimes the opposite of fear is peace or calm; sometimes the opposite is welcoming all feeling
  • In terms of behavior, the opposite of avoiding what scares you is approaching it slowly, step-by-step
  • Childhood anxiety affects the parent-child relationship. Parents worry too. But there is a playful way to approach this situation that will bring you closer to your children.

A Special Welcome to Professionals

Larry’s workshop is designed for parents, and also for professionals who work with parents or children. This includes psychologists, therapists, social workers, and early childhood educators. By attending this workshop you will be able to teach parents a powerful and effective approach to resolving family problems through play and emotional understanding. You will learn a variety of techniques for helping children who are aggressive, withdrawn, or anxious, as well as parents who are punitive, disconnected, or anxious. Attendees will learn a model of childhood emotional development and parental emotional reactivity, and will be able to apply that model to helping children and parents regulate their emotions, express them in healthy ways, and develop confidence and resilience. The workshop may qualify for six hours of professional development; contact your professional body for confirmation.

(Ends 2 weeks prior to event date)

Group of 5 Tickets – $145 per ticket*

Standard – $170 per ticket*

More information at: http://www.dmconversations.com/playful-parenting-event-details.html