On Monday we learnt so many things at Amigoss! We participated in a wonderful show, and we had the chance of sharing Indegenous culture through the magic of music, art, storytelling and dance. With bush sounds, instruments, music, movements, singing and dancing the children participated in the richness of Australia. We learnt all about the traditional owners of our land.

We found out about Australian instruments with a Lagerphone, a didgeridoo and washboard.

We saw some handmade Indigenous items and learnt how you use them. We even visited the Torres Strait Islands and discovered the Dari, enjoying some grass skirt dancing.

The children loved the different animals movement and stories, especially when they saw the Emu’s egg. We didn’t know it was so big!

We also liked to discover that there are so many different boomerangs! And that not all of them come back when you throw them.

Thank you Jenny from Happy Time for Kids. We love your shows!!

Indigenous Show at Amigoss