On Monday we read the story ‘The tiny seed’ (by Eric Carle). We then discussed some things that grow from seeds and the things that seeds need to grow properly (water, but not too much, some sun, fresh air, soil). The preschoolers, then colored, painted, cut and glued their own flowers.

Colouring at Amigoss

On Tuesday we were stamping using some potatoes and apples with shapes on them, they were also practicing the name of the shapes and the colors.

Stamping at Amigoss

We talked some more about what seeds need to grow and then each child took a cotton ball, dipped it in water, put it in a section of an egg carton and placed a seed on top. We put the egg carton in the sun to help the seeds start to grow. The children are very excited to check the progress of the seeds and to see the snowpeas start to grow!

Planting seeds at Amigoss

On Wednesday, the preschoolers were practising their pattern making. They are now confident with choosing which image comes next when given a select few.They are also confident with using accurate descriptive language such as “The small one comes next”, and in some cases they can even explain why.

Plant sequencing at Amigoss

We have been talking about growing plants and healthy eating this week. On Thursday, we made potato chips and sweet potato chips. The children helped to cut the potatoes and sweet potatoes into slices, spread some oil on the tray and sprinkle just a little bit of salt over the top. We then baked the chips in the oven for 45 minutes until they were golden brown and crunchy. We had our chips for afternoon tea!

making potato chips

On Friday we celebrated the National Pyjama Day! The children created their own unique pillows with paint, they really enjoy it!

National Pyjama Day at Amigoss