Last week was The Ocean Week, and the children  were learning about the ocean, how we can look after it, and they were learning about a different ocean creature each day:


On Monday the preschoolers learned about the octopus with Miss Jenny. They learned that an octopus has eight legs, two eyes, they are good at hiding and they are very flexible!

We read the story Jolly Olly Octopus (by Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees) and then we made our own octopuses from paper, paddle pop sticks and goggly eyes.

Making Octopus

Making Octopus


On Tuesday we learned about sharks. We learned that they have sharp teeth, they have grey and scaly skin, they have a really good sense of smell & they like to eat fish, krill, plankton and other sharks.

Miss Jenny read the story ‘Clark the Shark’ (by Bruce Hale and Guy Francis), and then we made our own sharks from patty pans,  paint and cardboard.


Rainbow Fishes

On Tuesday Miss Claudia set up an activity  with the linces to create some rainbow fishes, they heard the story and after that, they used a paper plate, some glue and paper to create the rainbow fishes.


Hermit Crab

Gatos & pumas enjoyed a lot painting hermit crabs with their hands and learning about this funny animal with Miss Yamile.

Hermit crab

Hermit crab

Jelly fish 

On Wednesday the children created jelly fishes with shapes



On Thursdays Miss Jenny  read the story ‘Strange Friends’ (by Ruth Hegarty and Sandi Harold), and then the preschoolers made turtles from recycled boxes.



The children were learning about taking care of the ocean as well, and the creatures that live there. We also learned their names in Spanish.

The children then identified each sea creature before colouring them in, cutting them out and pasting them onto another sheet of paper.


The preschoolers practiced counting fish to go with our ocean theme.

We practiced recognising numbers 1-5 and then glued the corresponding number of fish into the fish bowl. We then drew some fish into another fish bowl (number chosen by the children) and counted those too!
Using numbers in our day to day activities is important because we have numbers around us all the time. Children need a lot of repetition and to see numbers in different ways. They learn best when numbers are incorporated into themes and daily experiences and when they can get their hands on the materials. Many elements are covered in even the most basic number game or activity, such as object counting, one to one correspondence, and the same number represented in different ways such as numerically, on the fingers and counting objects.


The funniest moment of the week was when the children were doing fishes and dancing with miss Anna and the Beatles.

It was a funny week, Don´t you think so?