At Amigoss we have celebrated Australian Nutrition Week! Do you want to know what we have learnt?

The children made fruit salad, they cut the pieces of fruit and put them in a bowl. We then had our delicious fruit salad after our lunch

Making healthy food teaches children about foods that are good for us, and they enjoy the autonomy that making something to eat provides.

Nutrition Week at Amigoss
The children learnt the names of fruits and veggies in Spanish.

Nutrition Week


The babies painted fruit salads

Nutrition week at Amigoss

The children did gardening, and they collected some veggies from our vegetable garden

Nutrition Week

Paco el Koala was teaching about healthy food during these weeks

Nutrition Week at Amigoss

The preschoolers talked about many kinds of foods and they learned about the food pyramid and why some sections are smaller than others. Each person drew some pictures of types of foods and then we glued them onto the correct part of the food pyramid We also learnt a song about the food pyramid!



The toddlers played memory games about fruits



The children painted their favourite food using natural materials.

The preschoolers worked on cutting and pasting healthy and unhealthy foods. They then were required to glue them on the tick side of their sheet if they thought the food was good for them, and on the cross side if they thought the food was not good for them.

It’s hard to differentiate between something that tastes good and something that is good for us!!

The preschoolers looked through magazines and chose some foods to cut out. After they glued them onto a piece of paper, they decided if they were healthy foods or not, and what it was that made that food healthy or unhealthy.

Nutrition Week at Amigoss