On Monday we talked about artists and how they create art. We talked about line art, and how one colour should go in each section. The children then practiced this idea on some sheets of lines that Miss Jenny had created. This helps them to separate the colours and to learn about this process of art making.

Lines at Amigoss

On Tuesday the preschoolers followed on from Monday´s line art lesson. We read the story MISTER HORIZONTAL AND MISS VERTICAL (by Noemie Revah and Olimpia Zagnoli). The children then coloured a sheet of lines that Miss Jenny had created. Later, the children used the rulers and textas to create their own line art. They then painted each section a different colour. The preschoolers concentrated very hard to hold the ruler with one had and draw with the other. Their artworks look great, and they followed the instructions very well!

Lines at Amigoss


Wednesday´s art element was: SHAPE. The preschoolers worked on shapes, naming, tracing and cutting. They then glued their shapes onto a sheet of paper in the way they desired to create their own shape art.

cutting shapes at Amigoss


On Thursday the preschoolers (and some of the toddlers!) Worked on the element of TONE. Tone is the particular quality of brightness, deepness, or hue of a shade of a colour. We talked about light colours and dark colours, and some of the preschoolers mentioned that there’s also light green and dark green, and light blue and dark blue. We then sat to do a painting activity where the preschoolers were required to paint purples, reds and greens in order from light to dark or dark to light. They concentrated very well and it was great to see them using the new words they had learned as they worked.

Tone at Amigoss

On Friday the preschoolers engaged in three different types of texture art: sand art, shaving foam painting and rice art.

having fun at Amigoss