On Wednesday, the preschoolers took part in a water sanitation experiment. They worked together to make some clean water dirty, by adding sand, soil, paper, plastic, metal (pieces of glitter) and oil.
They talked about the effects of dirty water and rubbish that doesn’t get put in bins, and then they tried to clean the water. First, they used tongs and took out the larger pieces of rubbish that they could see, the plastic bags, pieces of paper etc, followed by an attempt to take the smaller pieces out. For this, they used sieves and spoons. Next, we filtered the water through a cloth, but still it wasn’t clean!
The preschool children learned that it is much easier to make the water dirty than it is to clean it, so we need to take care of the water we have, by making sure rubbish goes in the bin, turning taps off, and collecting rain water to use on the garden or to add to the washing machine.
On Thursday, the preschoolers looked at the differences between water, land and air.They got up close with these elements when we ‘caught’ some water, some land and some air in separate bowls, and they enjoyed searching for a worm in the bowl of land!
The preschoolers then drew a picture of their choice and attached it to its correct category.
The toddlers and the babies were doing arts & crafts using recycled materials.