All about Autumn!!!

The preschoolers  sorted some autumn leaves by size and colour, they learned how to place a leaf under a piece of paper and shade over the top to make the leaf impression, and they cut and glued brown paper and printed their hand prints in yellow, orange, red and brown to make a beautiful autumn tree!

They also  made some autumn-inspired photo frames, they chose the colour frame they wanted, then they selected their favourite leaves to glue on. They look very autumnal!


On Friday  the preschoolers read the story LEAF MAN (Lois Ehlert), however, we read it with no pictures. The children imagined the pictures, and then they created their own interpretations of the words by using autumn leaves, glue and textas to create various people and animals. They were very excited and proud to read the story again with their leafy pictures in place, and the book looks fantastic!

The babies  did a sensory board using leaves, paint and contact.