HEART SONG TM – A fun, interactive children’s show all about FEELINGS! (2-5yo’s)

Heart Song addresses a range of emotions in a safe and interactive way. Each emotion is explored with the help of RainbowTeddy who takes a journey across the Rainbow discovering new “lands” like “Happy Land” and “Sad Land” and also meets some friends who help him along the way. Through colour, song and open discussion about how those emotions make us feel and how they can make us want to act, the children are empowered to express their ideas for positive and appropriate solutions for working through each emotion. Once given the power, words and confidence to deal with these emotions the children are better tooled to communicate them appropriately to parents, teachers and carers. In turn, parents, teachers and carers are better able to provide to those children’s needs. The children also often watch each other in the playground providing advice to each other as to how to solve their peers problem!