A get ready for school program for children starting kindergarten at Glebe Public School in 2017

Head Start is a FREE 6 week program in Term 4 to give children starting kindergarten at Glebe Public School next year a chance to experience “big school” before their first day and have a great start to school.

Niños saltando

The program activities include:

  • • Pre-reading and writing activities
  • • Visits to the kindergarten classroom
  • • Tours of the school
  • • Understanding school routines & rules
  • • Making new friends for next year
  • • Having fun while working in groups
  • • Art and craft activities /Story times


The program in 2016 will have two sessions either –

Tuesday/Wednesdays or Thursday/Fridays from  9.30am-2.30pm

at Glebe Public School commencing on Tuesday 1st November 2016.


To enrol your child in this program is on the proviso that he/she will be enrolling at Glebe Public School in 2017 otherwise a cost will be charged for the program.

The program is run for students enrolling at Glebe Public School and enrolment forms are available from the School Administration Office.

For further information contact the School Administration Office on 9660 4549.