Gymkidz is a gymnastic and movement education programme, incorporating a variety of body movements including agility, balance, coordination and speed.This programme has been developed  over 25 years and incorporates a long term development model. It is premised off the idea that the right skills need to be developed at the right time of a child life, according to specific ages and stages. Gymkidz, is the first stage in a child’s ‘physical literacy’, teaching basic movement skills.

They ensure lessons are fun, varied and educational, increasing the variety of movements that a child can perform to prepare them for all other sports. The programme further incorporates Integrated Learning Therapy® movement sequencing, which are very specific movements that assist in preventing and helping overcome learning difficulties in children.

Overall, this programme pays special attention to enhancing brain function, physical coordination, gross motor skills, posture and balance. It further assists children in building confidence, social skills, emotional control, improving sleep and imagination while reducing stress.

Lessons take place at Coronation Hall, 95 Lennox Street, Newtown, NSW

15:30 – 16:15 (Ages 2-3)

16:30 – 17:15 (Ages 4-6)