We would like to inform you about the extra activities that we offer in Amigoss, the times and the days. You will find the details in the Activity Consent Form. Please, remember that only the children that have a consent form can participate.

We are pleased to inform that we can keep the Flamenco Activity on Wednesdays.

And also the little ones can participate in a new activity: Psychomotor Fun“:

 “Dear Parents,

My name is Laura and I am the Spanish sports teacher. I am a qualified teacher of Physical Education from Spain. I would like to inform you that Amigos Childcare and I have been working together to create a new program of activities for the younger ages (6 months to 3 years).


The new program is called “Psychomotor Fun”. The idea of the program is to help with the development of their sensory skills, symbolic play, imagination and creativity, which we do through a program of psychomotor sessions, both in motor fine (hand-eye coordinator) and gross motor movements. The exercises will include coordination, balance, tone, postural control, stimulation, relaxation, images, etc. And of course, it will be in Spanish and fun!”



All the extra activities have a cost of 5$ per session. This money goes to the teacher in charge of the activity (the centre does not have any profit for these), and it is payed through EzyDebit.

In Amigoss we consider that these extra activities run by a professional enrich the children’s experience a lot, and we are quite happy to be able to offer these for just 5$ within our schedule.

If you have any question about the program of extra activities, Miss Maria will be very happy to assist you.

Thank you!