This week we have learned about different emotions.

On Tuesday, we read ‘Smiley Shark’ (by Ruth Galloway) and ‘What was I scared of?’ (By Dr. Seuss). We talked about the things that make us feel scared and what we can do to help us feel OK again.

It is important that children learn to label their feelings so that they are better able to understand themselves and others, and show concern and empathy for those around them.

Emotions- Scared

On Wednesday the preschoolers learned about the emotion ‘happy’ with Miss Jenny, and they talked about what makes them happy:

“Spiders make Alfie happy,  Sonny likes cockroaches,  Ella says she sometimes feels happy,  Shayna says she feels happy when someone smiles at her and Archer says he feels happy when his brother is nice to him.”

Miss Claudia and Miss Cristina set up a painting activity for the linces group,  the children were painting some plastic spoons to create instruments and also, they were mixing colors using, shaving cream and glue to create different textures.


And Miss Anna created a magical feeling box, so the children learnt to feel their feelings.

Magic feeling box

On Thursday Miss Jenny and Miss Cristina  made biscuits with the children.
The children made happy faces in their biscuits with sultanas to go with our ’emotions’ theme.

Happy Biscuits
We have been reading a lot of books this week about feelings and what we can do with these. The children were learning a lot and were more confident in being able to label how they are feeling.

Cooking is also a great activity for preschoolers as it teaches science, and maths and measurement, and is also fun to eat!

On Friday the preschoolers continued to learn about emotions. They talked about what makes them sad and ways they can help themselves and others to feel better.

We read ‘Alfie’s Lost Sharkie’ and ‘Old Hu-Hu’, both stories about feeling sad.

The children really responded to these stories, and they sparked a lot of good conversation. We then drew pictures of sad faces, and painted portrayals of sadness with small cups.