We played a group game of memory. The children have played this game in a different form on other occasions, however,  this time they were required to wait longer between turns, to focus more fully and to try and remember where each card was for a longer period of time.
The preschoolers enjoyed the game and their memories are developing well! Some of the children felt a bit disheartened when they couldn’t find a matching pair, but were happier to continue when they found a match!

Memory Game at Amigoss


We set up a bingo with images of  some herbs, the children were learning their names too!

Bongo with Images


The preschoolers learned about being kind, regardless of language, gender, skin colour or likes and dislikes. We read ‘Once there was a boy’ by Dub Leffler, a story about kindness and compassion. It is important that we instil kind and positive behaviours when children are young so that they grow up to be kind and compassionate adults who care for others.


The children learnt about shades and how to order them from the darkest to the lightest. Then, we could also find matches with our clothes. The children enjoyed this game a lot. Activities in  which they have to find the cards, compare the colours and discuss which one is the first one in the scale of shades are great for new vocabulary acquisition and retention of images.

Colours at Amigoss

The preschoolers were also working on concepts such as under, on top of, above and below as well. They were required to describe positions and then asked to put a shape in a specific position. Some of the children are still learning their positions, and for others, the knowledge is consolidated.

Above and below at Amigoss



During the week the children were learning how plants grow! They were learning about seeds and plants by engaging in a hands-on activity in which they created their pots using recycled materials! Then they observed seeds, planted them, and watched them grow.

Planting Seeds


The kids were exploring the scents of different herbs: vanilla, oregano, garlic, tea leaves, bay leaves, chammomile and many more.

They looked at some picture cards and smelled the different herbs.  Afterwards, the preschoolers wanted to continue looking at the herb cards and smelling the herbs. They enjoyed touching the different items and smelling them, making different comments such as ‘This one smells like this one’, ‘The vanilla is my favourite’, ‘The garlic smells so good’.