On Monday the preschoolers practised their shape recognition and they  discussed the features of each shape. The children then practised their listening skills by cutting out specific shapes. These were then glued on to another sheet of paper. We also sang some songs about shapes!

Shape Cutting at Amigoss

On Tuesday the children learned about the Dream Time and the Aboriginal flag. We wanted to celebrate Naidoc Week. We looked at the flags from many different countries too. The preschoolers were then given the choice to draw their own flag or decorate the Aboriginal flag. They chose to paint Aboriginal flags, and we talked about what the colours mean.

Aboriginal Flats at Amigoss

On Wednesday the preschoolers made some damper. Damper is a traditional Australian bread, historically made by bush travellers, and later by indigenous Australians. It is simple to make and is usually cooked on the coals of an open fire (we baked ours in the oven!).

The children practised reading a recipe, measuring ingredients, ‘rubbing’ the butter into the flour and ‘kneading’ the dough until it was soft. We then baked it in the oven, and we plan on putting butter, honey, jam or Vegemite on some damper slices for afternoon tea. Yum!

Cooking at Amigoss

On Thursday the preschoolers did some painting in the Aboriginal flag colours (red, yellow, black). They painted with sticks on the paper that they made a few weeks ago. Painting with sticks encourages freedom of expression, creativity and imagination. It also uses slightly different muscles to brush painting, all of which help in pre-writing skills.


On Friday the toddlers practiced cutting. They enjoyed it very much and were quite excited to be given this opportunity!


The babies were celebrating Naidoc Week as well. Miss Yamile set up a painting activity for the babies and the children where doing dot painting and aboriginal flag