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Free Museum Weekend – Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 June, 2018

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Free Museum Weekend - Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 June, 2018 Visit the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory, Museums Discovery Centre and Australian Museum Saturday 23 and Sunday 23 June and enjoy FREE general admission, for this weekend only. Now in its fourth year, the Free Museum Weekend invites visitors of all ages to explore the Australian Museum, Museums Discovery Centre and two Museum

Water pollution and filtering activity, Sustainability Month at Amigoss Preschool!

On Thursday, we talked about the importance of the water, we asked children if they could remember the experiences that we organised last week about condensation and water circle, and  listened  to their voices explaining why the water is important. Then, we went outside, and we explored the basics of water pollution and water filtration.

What we did last week at Amigosss!! It is sustainability month!

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On Wednesday, the preschoolers took part in a water sanitation experiment. They worked together to make some clean water dirty, by adding sand, soil, paper, plastic, metal (pieces of glitter) and oil. They talked about the effects of dirty water and rubbish that doesn't get put in bins, and then they tried to clean the

Science Show for preschoolers

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On Tuesday, the 8th of November our preschoolers will enjoy this workshop about science and experiments! Station-based science activities that work! Early learner science incursion visits for children aged 3 to 5 years. The preschoolers will have a blast as they investigate energy and use their senses to discover how the science activities and toys operate. Science

Sustainability at Amigoss Preschool

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Amigoss Preschool offers a range of experiences for children designed to understand sustainability. Do you know our goals for 2016? Aiming to reduce waste. Purchasing eco-friendly or ‘green’ products. Making efficient use of existing resources. Reducing energy or water consumption by 10 per cent. Reducing food waste. Learning more about gardening with our children Sustainability

Science, Nature and Feature Creatures Show!

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This week the preschoolers have been looking at bugs, which was made even more exciting by the Feature Creature Show on Monday! We have been reading many stories about insects, lizards and snakes, doing threading activities with caterpillar outlines, drawing bugs, looking at plastic insects through magnifying glasses, making patterns with pictures of